Upgrades to the Cougar Optimizer’s Efficiency

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3 min readOct 25, 2022

TLDR: Support Lending Platform; UX/UI Improvement, and networks expansion

As part of the Cougar Optimizer (CGO) development process for the purpose of becoming a leading & long-term project which generates feasible income for the community, there will be many more upcoming improvements to ensure that all users, regardless of their experience with crypto, can benefit from Cougar Optimizer auto-compounding and dual-reward mechanism.

The kick-off feature series will contain dedicated highlights on each feature that make Cougar Optimizer even more revolutionary and efficient in leveraging users’ profit/capital.

UX/ UI improvement

One main factor that makes Cougar Optimizer special is our unique incentive program, which is much more different from standard yield farming. By staking into Cougar Optimizer Vaults, users will earn both our native token $CGO (presented by APY on our website) and rewards from Cougar’s partners.

This second reward is automatically converted into LP and re-added into your vault so that you can earn interest on your interest, which can build up to quite a significant extra sum over time.

When compound interest is taken into account, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is used instead of APR. The difference between APY and APR is initially small but grows exponentially over time.

However, currently, the interest from the second reward is not visualized on our website, which makes it difficult for users to follow their real profit and make Cougar Optimizer currently undervalued.

Based on the feedback from the community, improvements are being made by Cougar Team for the users’ best experience and easy tracking profit. In addition, more new features will be integrated to make Cougar Optimizer more user-friendly.

Lending Vaults Support

Along with the present yield farming vaults, Cougar Optimizer will soon offer strategies for LENDING VAULTS. These will leverage decentralized markets for investors to increase revenues and provide them with more earning alternatives.

In particular, by depositing your initial asset in the vault, Cougar Optimizer will then deposit it into the lending marketplaces. So our users can benefit from both the dual-reward mechanism and the advanced auto-compounding strategy with Cougar Lending Vaults to reap the most earnings with your capital.

It is important to note that there is NO liquidation risk due to token price swings, as Cougar Lending Vaults only deal with the deposited vault token. That means you can maximize your income with Cougar Lending Vaults without concern about liquidation due to leverage.

Network expansion

We plan to expand Cougar Optimizer to more chains in the future, growing new farms, and helping Cougar Optimizer thrive.

Whether you’re a leveraged yield farmer or lender, this multi-chain expansion means you’ll have more opportunities to earn high yields and get exposure to different tokens that do not currently exist on Cronos. Besides, more TVL, lending, and borrowing mean more buy-back & burn, as well as more revenue to distribute to our native tokens.

The effort is already well underway! We will update the community with more details in the next announcement! Stay tuned!

As always, please feel free to join our social channel where our admins are always on standby to answer any questions you may have.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cougarswap

Telegram: https://t.me/CougarSwap_Multichain_Official

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Cougar Ecosystem

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