Cougar Monthly Recap — July 2022

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4 min readAug 8, 2022

For the crypto market and DeFi alike, 2022 is going to be a tough year filled with challenges. Although a bear market is inevitable, it presents an opportunity for trustworthy platforms, such as Cougar Ecosystem, to demonstrate long-term sustainability. Whatever the market conditions are, we at Cougar are unfazed and working harder than before to provide the most efficient ecosystem for the crypto community as a whole. This report will cover the highlights of July 2022, including Cougar development and the upcoming plan. Let’s start!


This time around, to limit the negative effects of the bear market, our team has implemented various practical measures to encourage the flow of capital into the Cougar Ecosystem. In accordance with our move to eliminate the deposit fee for certain pools, we simultaneously double the earning rate for a large number of farming pools.

These two changes will contribute to the maximum possible profit that Cougar’s liquidity providers, particularly new users, can achieve by lowering the fee to participate in earning opportunities while increasing earnings, making the investment options provided by Cougar more competitive than those provided by other platforms!

Additionally, we continued to add more pools and vaults across all our chains. This month, we added a total of 20 new pools/vaults on both Cronos and other chains, giving our users more opportunities to use their capital at the highest level of efficiency and security.


It is our pleasure to announce that Cougar has reached more partnership agreements. Specifically, in addition to the previous collaboration, this month we are working with:

On top of that, Coin 98 wallet is now fully integrated on Cougar for better accessibility. There will be many partnerships added to this list in the near future to give our users and traders an even more competitive price and make sure our more prominent traders incur as little slippage as possible.


Information openness is needed to help investors make the most cost-effective decisions for their capital and maximize earnings, as proven by the recent volatility of both the crypto market and DeFi.

In order to provide users with the best prospective chances for financial investment, the team has worked hard to implement INFO & ANALYTICS on Cougar Exchange to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information to capital holders.

With this tool, users can track the flow of cash into and out of the ecosystem as well as the movement of various tokens in the ecosystem, thereby making the greatest possible investment portfolio.


New coming feature

Over the first half of this year, we’ve ticked most of the planned tasks off the list, and we’re accelerating toward new milestones. Our team has been focusing on providing a new user-centered experience and building new features to make our products more user-friendly and engaging. And the next destination is Stable Exchange! We have been focusing on developing the StableSwap for lower slippage, higher capital efficiency, and greater asset scalability. More tests are being conducted to ensure the security and integrity of the Stable Exchange to bring unlimited earning opportunities to the masses.

New networks

As planned, Cougar will expand to the new networks to fulfill the multi-chain target and be able to offer the greatest benefit and convenience to the community. More details will be released soon in the next Cougar announcements. Stay tuned Cougareans! Great things are on the horizon and together we will build a New Decentralized Finance Era!

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