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3 min readJun 10, 2022

Another month has gone by, and we have a lot of new things happening at Cougar Ecosystem despite the current challenges in the market. Let’s brief you on what we have done in May at Cougar Ecosystem.

  1. Cougar Optimizer Launchpad

The ecosystem pillar and highly awaited auto-compounding functionality went live with a bang — Cougar Optimizer has been launched on Cronos with a massive success rate of 142.6% total CRO committed.

Focus on long-term and sustainable development; Cougar Optimizer aims to provide investors with feasible returns. Whereby reinvesting profits into yield farms is a critical component of Cougar Optimizer strategies since this allows earnings to compound and increase at the maximum potential interest rate.

2. Harmony token migration

As part of our ongoing efforts to advance Cougar Ecosystem, last month, we had already migrated the Harmony token to a new platform with more innovative features. This is a huge milestone to support the growth of the Harmony protocol and the whole CGS ecosystem.

The other network’s migration processes for complete integration and adaptation of the Cougar Ecosystem are scheduled to commence in the next several months, as anticipated.

3. Other developments

Cougar’s long-term users can undoubtedly tell that safety has always been our first concern. At every stage of development, Cougar always keeps investors’ benefits and the project’s long-term viability in mind. In light of such standards, we are happy to report that Cougar Ecosystem has built many Cbanks and Pools with high APRs as of the previous month. Additionally, Cronos Cougar’s emission rate was reduced by half to 25/block to prevent inflation, especially in the bear market happening now.

Cougar team is working so hard, and it’s beginning to pay off, as shown by Moonbeam Cougar’s recent appearance in the list of the Top 10 Moonbeam Dapps on DappRadar by balance or the availability of Cronos Cougar Exchange liquidity on Firebird’s swap aggregator and the CGS on HYPERPAY. Besides, Nabox Plugin is now integrated on CougarSwap; Clover Inc, Toxicdeer and CroArmy_eth have joined us to provide investors with even more tasty pools to choose from.

With each milestone gradually coming real! It’s impossible to deny the massive support that you guys the users of CougarSwap have inspired us. Thank you guys and keep supporting! Cougar Ecosystem will always be expanding as the principle of bringing the best benefits as well as the safety of the community!

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