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3 min readSep 15, 2022

As part of our ongoing strategy to widen adoption, Cougar is delighted to announce that the $CGS token of our ecosystem will be accessible on the Arbitrum network in the coming days. This will be a breakthrough for Cougar Ecosystem in general and Cougarswap in particular and will bring enormous benefits to our community as the expansion to Arbitrum is set to offer Cougar users lower transaction costs, higher transaction speeds and fast withdrawals.

Arbitrum network and its potentials

Arbitrum is the leading layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that uses optimistic rollups (ORUs) to relieve congestion on the Ethereum mainnet. Arbitrum makes transactions on Ethereum cheaper by performing operations off-chain and posting the results to the mainnet to secure proof. This Layer 2 solution was designed to improve the capabilities of Ethereum smart contracts — boosting their speed and scalability, while also adding additional privacy features.

The collected data show the possibilities and benefits of Arbitrum networks for boosting farms through potential collaboration. Although the entire market has been downtrend since the beginning of the year, user-based statistics show that Arbitrum’s ecosystem, user activity, and developer communities are growing. As of Sep 03, 2022, there were 1,192, 309 unique addresses on Arbitrum network with over 6,000 daily increase.

Arbitrum Unique Addresses. Source: Arbiscan

The fact that more and more money is approaching to invest in the Arbitrum ecosystem demonstrates the tremendous potential of this network. Furthermore, Arbitrum’s major advantages are much lower costs of transactions, compared with what they would cost if run natively on Ethereum; and fast confirmations which gives a near-instant user experience. All of this inspires Cougar Team to undertake this move in order to strengthen farms and expand our ecosystem to a scale that is beneficial to a greater number of investors.

Total value lock of Arbitrum and other networks. Source: Defillama

What does this mean for CougarSwap?

The expansion to the Arbitrum network unquestionably results in a multitude of beneficial effects for our Ecosystem. To begin, by expanding the Cougar ecosystem to Arbitrum, Cougar will be able to service not only our present customers but also reach out to other prospective Arbitrum network investors. Furthermore, potential opportunities for collaboration with other projects on the Arbitrum network will further strengthen our ecosystem, which helps establish a deeper level of community engagement in Cougar. Last but not least, this move is totally in line with our mission to build a multi-chain DeFi gateway that helps grow cryptocurrency adoption in particular and benefits the crypto community in general.

Thank you for your support & Stay tuned for our details on the release of Cougar on Arbitrum soon!

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