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2 min readSep 16, 2022

Dear Cougar Community,

Cougar is moving on to another critical phase in our project roadmap as we will soon be accessible on the Arbitrum network — a layer 2 scaling solution that offers near-instant transaction finality, low transaction fees, and enhanced security.

We are excited to announce the official launch date of our Arbitrum CGS token presale on 20th Sep 2022 at 14:00:00 GMT 📆

🚀 Important Presale Details

  • Where:
  • Accepted Payment: $USDC
  • Total Raised Goal: $120,000
  • Presale Price: $0.3
  • Listing Price: $0.6 ($0.45 If the presale cap is not met)
  • Format: First-come first-served
    (sale ends as soon as the total allocation is sold)
  • Duration: 3 days

🔥 Tokenomic

  • Initial Supply: 500,000 $CGS
  • Max Supply: 3,000,000 $CGS
  • Emission rate: 1 CGS/ Block (1 Block ~ 13.5 seconds). Halving every 6 months
  • Burn Rate: 0.5% transfer tax on public sale will be burned immediately

👍 Presale Claim

Presale Claim will be activated after adding liquidity 24 hours, users need to wait every 10 minutes for 1% of their remaining presale rewards. So if you claim the presale token every 10*a minutes, you will receive a% of the remaining tokens. That means if you will receive 100% of the presale remaining tokens, you need to wait after the presale claim enables ~1000 minutes (16 hours and 40 minutes). You can choose your best strategy to maximize your benefit.

This slow presale claim’s objective is to maintain a more stable price and ensure that all participants will benefit in the long run from your involvement.

📈 What to do once you get the tokens?

You can start staking your tokens immediately after you get them to enjoy our high APR. Farming will start on 25th Sep 2022.

Currently, Arbitrum Cougar offered 6 farming pools (CGS-WETH; CGS — USDC; WETH — USDC; WETH -MIM; WETH — WBTC; WETH — MAGIC), 9 single pools (CGS; WETH; WBTC; USDC; USDT; DAI…) + vaults & Cbank. There will be more partnerships and farming pools added in a short time to maximize Arbitrum CGS holders.

🐯About CougarSwap

CougarSwap — long-term DeFi project held a reputation as one of the most prestigious cross-chain projects in the DeFi market! By implementing the multi-chain protocol across seven different networks (including BSC, Polygon, Harmony, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonbeam, and Cronos), Cougarswap has been able to offer the most efficient token pricing and return rates of all the farming pools on our platform.

🙏Thanks again for all your support thus far!

As always, please feel free to join our social channel where our admins are always on standby to answer any questions you may have.

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Cougar Ecosystem

A long-term DeFi project held the reputation as one of the most prestigious cross-chain platform in the crypto market.