#2 Launchpad- Cougar Optimizer- The next step toward a large-scale ecosystem

Cougar Ecosystem
3 min readMay 26, 2022

Defi market recently has witnessed a freefall which has dragged the price of most tokens down. Not only did the Decentralized market have a difficult time, but all cryptocurrencies had the highest level of volatility and deviation. This unexpected setback once again highlights the significance of the project’s safety and sustainability in Defi, something that the Cougar ecosystem has always prioritized.
The launch of Cougar Optimizer is the next stage in our path to a large-scale financial ecosystem with the highest degree of stability and security, which will provide users opportunities to get dual-reward and maximum profit automatically.
Following are more details about our #2 launchpad of Cougar Optimizer that you may be interested in:

Launchpad details

✅ Name: Cougar Optimizers
✅ Symbol: CGO
✅ Chain: Cronos Chain
✅ Initial Supply: 2,000,000 CGO
✅ Emission Rate: 1 CGO/Block. Halving every 6 months

As mentioned above, our #2 launchpad — Cougar Optimizer will be executed on Cronos Chain — a product of Crypto.com. We firmly believe that the future will be multi-chain and in the importance of expanding DeFi to the masses; at the first step into the multi-chain future, our priority is the creation of an optimizer based on Cronos because this is a new blockchain with a rapidly growing user base, an easy-to-use platform which can process more transactions per minute than Ethereum, making it faster, cheaper, and greener to execute smart contracts.

Sustainable tokenomics enhances Cougar Optimizer at its best

Our tokenomics and fees are designed to encourage the long-term provision of liquidity and staking of CGO. Most fees are used to redistribute directly to CGO stakers, with 2% performance fees being used to buy back and burn. Additionally, the emission rate was set at 1 CGO/block and halved every 6 months to control the total supply and circulating supply of CGO at its best to balance user’s profit and long-term development of the platform. Having a good level of control over the amount of CGO will avoid inflation and raise CGO’s value.

Automating yield farming

Cougar Optimizer is a yield farming optimizer designed for longer-term investors who value sustainable tokenomics, safety, and careful risk management.
Here’s a sneak peek at what Cougar Optimizer can do for you:

😱 Auto-Compound: Cougar Optimizer will allow individuals to reap the benefits of incredible APY as rewards are calculated automatically to save users’ time and enable higher yields through creative automation and optimal compounding frequency
👩‍🌾 Strategy-Farming: After staking, tokens will grow over time because users do not need to harvest manually, and revenues are effectively correlated to the tokens imported to our platform; this results in a significant increase in the users’ return on investment (ROI). Besides, by depositing into our optimizer platform, users can additionally earn precious $CGO using the farming feature. Together with auto-compound, this dual-farming model hence helps users maximize their profit over time.

Furthermore, this unique mechanism will promote highly efficient gas utilization and save costs on gas fees for users. As a result, investors are able to make better use of their resources.
Potentially, Cougar team always actively works towards more substantial adoption by users and partners and develops the platform’s usability. We will expand to optimize other farms out there on other DEXs to provide investors with insane high APY pools and significantly enhance users’ benefit and consolidation of Cougar’s position in DeFi.

Join us now to keep updated:

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Telegram: https://t.me/CougarSwap_Multichain_Official
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Cougar Ecosystem

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